Geospatial Software Development – The Geometries

Featured image credit to OpenStreetMap contributors, full copyright information available here. For the past few years I've been working in the Geospatial domain, developing various Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Although some consider GIS a bit of a dark art, and although in some ways they're right, it's actually fairly straight forward to get to grips with the … Continue reading Geospatial Software Development – The Geometries

Takeaways from QCon London 2017 – Day 3

QCon London 2017

Here's day 3. Day 1 can be found here and Day 2 can be found here. The Talks Avoiding Alerts Overload From Microservices with Sarah Wells How to Backdoor Invulnerable Code with Josh Schwartz Spotify's Reliable Event Delivery System with Igor Maravic Event Sourcing on the JVM with Greg Young Using FlameGraphs To Illuminate The JVM with Nitsan Wakart This … Continue reading Takeaways from QCon London 2017 – Day 3